Just So Festival Highlights

Thingumabob & The Thingumajigs waking up the Just So Festival

This weekend we went to the Just So Festival at Rode Hall in Cheshire. This festival has become something of a regular in our family diary and we’ve been looking forward to it for ages. This year was set to be something special with the festival celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Just So Festival, it is a celebration of the arts, creativity and imagination, mixing outdoor theatre, music workshops and performances with clay modelling, campfire songs and dressing up. Where else do you see whole families in sparkly sequin fish costumes or dressed as a pride of lions, trying to win golden pebbles for their tribe? This year, we chose to be bees with our tribe coming a respectable 4th place in the Tribal Tournament.

An absolute highlight of the weekend was seeing Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers. If you haven’t come across their music and you have young children, you really should. They have some ridiculously funny songs including David Attenborough, the Skeleton’s Foxtrot and the kids are still running around this morning singing their favourite: I’ve got my finger up my nose!

Clearly the weather decided this year needed to memorable too and checking the forecast on the run up to the festival, it soon dawned that this year was going to be soggy, soggy, soggy and muddy, muddy, muddy! So muddy in fact, we had to be towed off the car park by a tractor at the end – what could be more fun when you’re 8!

Here’s a selection of our some of our highlights.

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