Inspiring young people

The children had lots of positive things to say afterwards and found it very inspiring – thank you!

Year Four teacher at a local primary school

On the supplies desk at a Business Language Champions event – no English allowed!

I am passionate about encouraging young people to learn a language. I believe school pupils need to be shown that there is a world of language outside their classroom walls. Language is not just about a text book, it is about culture and opening your mind to new experiences. I feel it is my responsibility as a linguist to tell children and young people what they can do with a language and the benefits it can bring, not only to their careers but their lives as well.

I also believe that those young people who speak a language at home should be proud of their language skills and shout about them, recognising the advantage it gives them.

To this end, I regularly volunteer with the following organisations:

In October 2019, the Chartered Institute of Linguists published my article about raising aspirations and volunteering in schools. Read it online here.

Presenting to Year 8 at the Ashfield School
as part of the East Midlands Chamber Schools initiative

If you would like to me to visit a school near you, please contact me to discuss further.