Inspiring young people

On the supplies desk at a Business Language Champions event – no English allowed!

I am passionate about encouraging young people to learn a language. I believe school pupils need to be shown that there is a world of language outside their classroom walls. Language is not just about a text book, it is about culture and opening your mind to new experiences. I feel it is my responsibility as a linguist to tell children and young people what they can do with a language and the benefits it can bring, not only to their careers but their lives as well.

I also believe that those young people who speak a language at home should be proud of their language skills and shout about them, recognising the advantage it gives them.

To this end, I volunteer in the following capacity:

Presenting to Year 8 at the Ashfield School
as part of the East Midlands Chamber Schools inititative

Recent events I have attended have been an entrepreneurs event for GCSE Business Studies pupils and a “speed-dating” style event for year 8 language pupils at the Long Eaton School. At this “speed-dating” event, over the course of two sessions, 200 pupils rotated around 5 different businesses (including me!) who were all promoting the use of languages in their work. The other participants included the RAF, East Midlands Airport and the Novotel hotel chain. It was a great event to be involved with.

My article in The Linguist from the Chartered Institute of Languages

In October 2019, the Chartered Institute of Linguists published my article about raising aspirations and volunteering in schools. Read it online here.

If you would like to me to visit a school near you, please contact me to discuss further.