5 Books about Cats for International Cat Day

Today it’s International Cat Day, and so to celebrate our furry friends, here are five books all about cats.

  1. Mog by Judith Kerr. There are loads of Mog books, like this Christmas book in the picture. Written by the late great Judith Kerr, who could fail to be charmed by Mog.
  2. To be a cat by Matt Haig. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow as a cat? Barney Willow is about to find out.
  3. Oi Cat! by Kes Gray and Jim Field. Rhyming galore in the fabulous second Oi! book. If you haven’t come across these yet, they are well worth a read!
  4. Lost and Found Cat by Doug Kuntz and Amy Shrodes. A real-life tale of a family fleeing Iraq who take their cat with them. On arrival in Lesbos, Kunkush the cat gets lost. Thanks to volunteers and a campaign on social media, Kunkush is eventually reunited with his family.
  5. Flucht by Niki Glattauer and Verena Hochleitner (in German). A family fleeing from war, written from the cat’s perspective.
My cat Smudge, doing what cats do best!

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