World Kid Lit Challenge Day Eight

As well as including more recent titles in our challenge, we also included some of the classics. Today we are reviewing Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, translated by Edna Hurup (Oxford University Press).

Emma: Pippi made me laugh. I like climbing trees like Pippi.

While Pippi Longstocking has been around for years, I had never read it before. So much has already been said about this, but it deserves to be repeated. What a fabulous role model for our girls today! Emma loves climbing trees and getting messy and I get a real bee in my bonnet about excessive pinkness, prettiness and princesses. What a great place for her to meet a girl who climbs, stands up to bullies and wears whatever she wants because she likes it.

There were points in this where Emma had proper belly laughs, asking us to repeat sections of it again over and over while she roared with laughter. We loved Pippi’s imagination when she’s drawing her horse on the floor because the paper is too small.

An amazing book, and while Dominic decided he wasn’t too fussed about reading this one, I think it’s great for girls and boys alike!

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