World Kid Lit Challenge Day Seven

We came across this one at the Just So Festival earlier in the summer. Travelling children’s bookshop How Brave is the Wren had loads of titles in translation on offer for all to buy – fabulous to see them all! So, today’s books is As Time Passes by Isabel Minhós Martins and Madalena Matoso, translated from Portuguese. Translator unknown (Design For Today).

Dominic: The pictures are well illustrated. There’s not many words written but lots of pages. It looks at how things change over time. I can relate to the boy who grows. Pictures appear differently. A picture is shown at the beginning and later it’s the same picture but things have changed – a person grows old, shelves change.

Emma: I like reading this one. My favourite page is the sprouting potatoes because we have sprouting potatoes and I like the snail. 

This book appealed to me from the titles on offer because of its bold colours – lots of blue, yellow and red. The illustrations are striking and the printing of the book itself is lovely – the pages feel really thick. Each page suggests a way that we mark time: “A boy grows.” “A pencil gets shorter”. A particular favourite of mine is “Ugly might become beautiful”, and over the page, “Beautiful might become ugly”. I like the idea that while we can’t see time, we can see how things change over time. The book finishes with the reminder that while many things change, some things are forever.




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