World Kid Lit Book Review: The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, translated from German by J. Alison James (North-South Books).

My daughter found this book in our local library and pulled it off the shelf shouting, “we have this as school!” She absolutely loves it and when it was time to take it back, we had to renew it rather than return it.

It’s the story of Rainbow Fish, the most beautiful shimmering fish in the ocean… and doesn’t he know it?! He won’t share even a single sparkly scale with the other fish. But while he may be beautiful, he starts to feel lonely and doesn’t understand why the other fish don’t like him, especially when he’s just so beautiful.

A chat with the wise octopus leads Rainbow Fish to start sharing his shimmering scales with the other fish. He may no longer be the most beautiful, but his changed attitude towards the other fish mean they now want to be his friend and he is finally happy.

A lovely little story to teach about selfishness, sharing and how sometimes we have to change our own behaviour to bring us happiness. Beautiful illustrations and lots of sparkling silver keep little ones entertained.

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