A trip to Austria

Last week we had a family trip to St. Johann in Austria. St. Johann is located in the Tyrolean mountains and the scenery is absolutely stunning. Despite the rain, we managed a couple of trips up the mountains by cable car where we were surprised to find quite a lot of snow. After having received a huge amount of snowfall this winter, the snow is still lying quite thick in places and as a result some of the walking routes are yet to open. However, the kids really enjoyed playing around in it and throwing snowballs at each other!

It was also great to speak German again and be surrounded by the German language. Hearing the Austrian accent again took me back to my time in Innsbruck. While my kids know I speak German and Spanish, they rarely have much chance to hear me in full swing so I think they were a bit taken aback.

One of the highlights of our trip was a day trip to the beautiful city of Salzburg. Having fruitlessly visited bookshops in St. Johann and Kitzbühel, hoping for a conversation with someone who could talk to me about the new success-stories coming out of Austria, we stumbled across Buchhandlung Höllrigl, “Austria’s oldest bookshop”. I couldn’t resist a visit. The staff were amazing. The two members of staff I spoke to were highly knowledgeable about the books they were selling. As I was asking about children’s books, a specialist colleague in this section was called to come and talk to me, and she REALLY knew her stuff. If anyone’s ever in the area, I would highly recommend a visit… just make sure you take your credit card!

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