CPD Reflections: YTI SEO Translation Workshop

The other CPD event that I attended this weekend was an workshop in Search Engine Optimization, run by the Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters at the University of Leeds. The workshop was run by David García Ruiz of Trust Your Brand.

The workshop itself was very interesting. I had very little knowledge of SEO before the event and David started off by explaining what SEO is and the most important factors that are involved in SEO. This section of the session will be really useful in terms of running my own website and as we look to develop a website for the EMRG.

After a quick coffee break, the workshop moved on to SEO translation, what this involves and how it is different to standard translation. After lunch we had a chance to put our new-found knowledge into practice, carrying out an exercise that David had put together to test our wings. It was an interesting activity, making us aware of the keywords that we were creating and then making sure that we then included them in our translations.

While I’m not sure I’m quite ready to start offering this as an added service to my clients, I feel I have a much better understanding of SEO and how this could work for me. At the very least, I will be making some changes to this website in line with some of David’s recommendations for creeping up Google’s results pages.

The other great aspects of attending this workshop was networking with members of the YTI. Particularly interesting was a discussion on YTI events and what has worked for them and how they have grown their membership; some interesting ideas to bring back to the EMRG.



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