World Kid Lit Book Review: Press Here by Hervé Tullet

The kids received lots of goodies for Christmas from very generous friends and relatives. Among them were a few lovely World Kid Lit titles, including today’s review book, Press Here by Hervé Tullet (Chronicle Books), translated from French by Christopher Franceschelli.

Dominic (8): This is an exciting book. It tells you what to do on one page and it does something on the next page because you did it. I like the way the dots have finger prints on it as if to suggest other people have already touched them. And the layout is good too.

Emma (5): I like this book. You have to do lots of different activities like pressing the dots or shaking the book.

Having seen this on a few lists, this was a title I was really drawn to. The simplicity of the illustrations – yellow, red and blue spots – is really clever and I love the way it instructs the reader to interact with it, pressing dots, shaking the book and blowing. It reminds me of the book Open very carefully by Nicola O’Byrne which has a similar way of engaging the reader. They both enjoyed the page where two dots in the pattern have changed place from a previous picture and they have to try and work out which dots have moved. I’ve enjoyed watching Dominic reading this to Emma and them doing to actions together. Emma delights in starting it all over again! A great addition to our bookshelf!

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