World Kid Lit Book Review – Daddy Long Legs

We’re at the end of the half-term holiday here in Derby and we’ve had time to do things that we haven’t done for a while, like go to the local library. Since it was converted into a community library earlier this year, the new opening hours mean it’s more difficult to get there. But today we made it! And I was excited to come across this fab title in translation: Daddy Long Legs by Nadine Brun-Cosme and Aurélie Guillerey (Two Hoots) – no translator mentioned.

Emma (5): I like the cover because someone is having a piggy-back. The story is good because Daddy had to run all the way to nursery. I think Daddy would run to school to get me!

Dominic (8): It’s about this car that didn’t work but then it started and Daddy drove Matty to nursery. When they got there, he was worried the car would break down so his Dad told him lots of things that he could do to get to him if the car didn’t work, but Matty always had something to say, like “but what if”. It’s funny because some of his ideas are ridiculous, like the birds picking him up and flying him to nursery.

The bright, bold cover of this book jumped off the shelf at me and the title reminded the kids of their very own Daddy Long Legs at home. The use of colour throughout the illustrations is fantastic. We really enjoyed Daddy coming up with far-fetched suggestions of how he could get to nursery to pick Matty up and then came up with some of our own. Having been in situations with an anxious child, I like that Daddy has opted for trying to make Matty laugh, to giggle his worry away. He doesn’t tell him not to worry or tell him to stop being silly. But when his humorous efforts fail, he opts for soft, caring reassurance and on the last page we see them safely arrived back at home. The last page is clever, with Guillerey bringing all the hilarious options together, meeting in Matty’s house for tea – Martin the bear, the birds, the next-door neighbour. There’s so much to look at!


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