World Kid Lit Challenge Day 25

With just a few days left of September, we’re sprinting down the final straight with some fantastic books. First up we have the great little picture book Valdemar’s Peas by Maria Jönsson, translated from Swedish by Julia Marshall (Gecko Press).

Dominic: It is funny. I like when he sets up a trap and his sister eats the peas.

Emma: I like the ending. And I like chocolate ice-cream too!

It’s dinner time and Valdemar has to eat his peas: ‘Papa decides “The peas go in the tummy. Then ice cream. Chocolate ice cream”.’ What Papa didn’t say, however, was whose tummy. The illustrations are great in black, red and pea green showing the dynamics between Papa, Valdemar and little sister Lynn. The simplicity of the story is great and the kids could really identify with it, giggling about Valdemar’s plan to get the ice cream. I also love the fact that it’s Papa who is in charge of dinner time – Dads can cook too!



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