World Kid Lit Challenge Begins

And we’re off! Day one of our World Kid Lit Challenge.

Book one is one of the kids’ favourites, the fabulous 10 Little Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental and Joëlle Jolivet, translated from French by Amanda Katz (Abrams Books for Young Readers).

Emma: It’s nice because it has things on it you can pull and drag. I like counting the penguins. My favourite number is four, because I am four!

Dominic: I like it because it has flaps that you can twist and drag and I like the big surprise at the end, because it looks like there’s no penguins but actually there’s 10 and they’re just playing a trick. It’s a small but interesting book. It’s a bit weird thinking it was a French book first, because it just looks like an English book. I imagine they might have had to change a few words from it.

At the start of this book, there are 10 penguins. As you turn each page, one penguin has an unfortunate accident and disappears. What will happen to the penguins in the end?

We have had this book since Dominic was a baby and it’s been one of our favourites for years. I must admit, it’s been one that we kept high up on a shelf to try to make sure it doesn’t get damaged, but perhaps this just added to the excitement of reading such a special book. It is now a little dog-ear and damaged, but the kids still love poring over the fabulous mechanisms and making the penguins move – my favourite is the last penguin who gets on the bus! The rhymes on each page sing along and the children love shouting out the relevant number of penguins at the prompt at the end of each page.

A great little book to start our 30 days!


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