Adult titles

The Umbrella Men by Keith Carter (Neem Tree Press). A novel set during the 2008 financial crisis and the shock waves that were felt around the world.

Children of War by Ahmet Yorulmaz, translated from the Turkish by Paula Darwish (Neem Tree Press). Set on the island of Crete, Yorulmez tells of a population displaced from their homeland and the suffering they experience in the process.

Distant Signs by Anne Richter, translated from the German by Douglas Irving (Neem Tree Press). A subtle, thought-provoking book, dare I say, an elegant take on the post-war period in the German Democratic Republic.

Black out by Marc Elsberg , translated from German by Marshall Yarbrough. A terrifying look at what might feasibly happen were our electricity supply to be tampered with by terrorists.

Two Brothers by Ben Elton A novel about Jewish family during the Second World War, with inspiration taken from Ben Elton’s own family.

How not to be a boy by Robert Webb An honest reflection on his own adolescence and adulthood, Robert Webb takes various stereotypical statements about boyhood and manhood and sets out to disprove them.

Still leben by Antonia Baum Baum discusses the difficulties of being a mother in today’s society, tackling some of the big topics – gender equality, breastfeeding, guilt and mental load.

The Hypnotist by Lars Keplar translated from Swedish by Ann Long. A fast-moving thriller, at time bloody and gory.

The Taxidermist’s Daughter by Kate Mosse A period drama with a rather grisly end.